Japanese dance is an important culture property. In 1972, 年畑道代〈尾上菊乃里〉found KIKUNOKAI in order to let the public know more about Japanese dance. In 1976, KIKUNOKAI won the prize from ART SETOUCHI that Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Government hosted, and the achievements in overseas performances in 1986 was appreciated by Minister of Foreign Affairs. 『夢』, instructed by 黑澤明 and 畑道 be the dance instructor, won an Oscar for special honor and attracted the world attention in 1988. With assistance of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, KIKUNOKAI performed in New York and Los Angeles in 2001. Through the international art exchange business of Agency for Cultural Affairs, they performed in Taiwan and Singapore in 2003, Turkey in 2004, German and Czech in 2005, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Brazil in 2008, Mexico, Turkey and Oman in 2010. Since taking over the embassy business, they have performed in Kuwait and South Korea in 2011, Kuwait in 2012, Peru in 2015. It will be extended to 104 cities in 62 countries for overseas tour performances. The movie『蜩之記』, instructed by 小泉堯史, 畑聰 be the dance instructor and act by KIKUNOKAI members. They started to send instructor to the overseas Peru classroom from 2016. Then they performed in the Detroit Art Museum, the USA, Chile, and Peru in 2017, and they will keep promoting the traditional culture around the Japan.