2018 NYIFF Opening Ceremony Brings the Prelude of International Art Feast

- 2018/10/09

2018 Nan Ying International Folklore Festival opening ceremony was hosted at Nan Yin Green Heart Park, Xinying dist. on Oct6, at 19:30. There were nine international countries, including Haiti and Marshall have the diplomatic relations with Taiwan, bring the wonderful performances to us. It was like a brilliant folklore art carnival and light the sky of Nan Ying Green Heart Park.

There are four groups, Russia, Serbia, New Zealand and Czech Republic, participated the pop-up event after the international groups arrived in Taiwan these days. They performed at T.S Dream Mall and Tainan Far Eastern Department Stores on Oct 4, and it attracted many audience to see the performance. After the lively parade in the afternoon, the opening ceremony then began in the evening on Oct 6.   

The prelude this year invited the famous Taiwan traditional folklore art teams to give the performances that reveal the Taiwanese culture to welcome the international guests. After the prelude, the nine international groups continued to give the astonishing performances. The order are the Compagnie de Danse Jean-René Delsoin from Haiti, JEBO Traditional Dancing Troupe from Marshall, Im Bangwul Korean Classical Music Promotion Association from Korea, JARO dance group from Czech Republic, Fukuoka University KOBUZARU from Japan, TENGER AYALGUU from Mongolia, Kytalyk from Russia and Kirana Nusantara from Indonesia. In the end is the Sbandieratori Ducato Caetani from Italy. Every international groups introduced their folklore culture to the guest by the traditional dance, country dance, music and the flag team performance. It brings the public the pleasure of listening and vision.  

Mayor indicated that NYIFF is the international event which is hosted every two years since 1996 in Tainan city. It is not only a longest international art festival in Taiwan, but is the only one that dedicated on preserving the intangible culture and promoting the folklore art performance. During the NYIFF, the host families, communities, schools and even enterprises form every districts in Tainan will come to participate this big event. 

The Tainan cultural director said this international folklore festival not only host parade but also perform in many districts. The public could attend the festival free. He hopes this meaningful festival could keep hosting and become the most representative art festival in Taiwan.    

The 11th NYIFF will host from Oct6 to 14, it will be nine days long. There will be 34 word-class folklore art shows in 21 districts in Tainan city. The audience do not need to go abroad, the festival will bring the most plentiful art performances feast. We invite everyone to join us. Do not miss this time if you have missed the festival two years ago!   





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