2018NYIFF: The folklore parade take a lead 

- 2018/10/09


The biennial cultural carnival: 2018 NYIFF began at Oct 6. Following the tradition before the opening ceremony, the organizer will arrange the groups to participate the parade. Except the parade in Xinying district on Oct 6, at 16:30, one more parade was hosted and invited the international groups to interact with the public in Hai’an Rd., West Central District this year.

The parade topic this year combines the folk art array culture and the animation culture of young generation: role playing, the organizer invite artists to design the contemporary centipede seats. They used metal as the material of centipede seats. It is different with the traditional centipede seats. To recruit the role playing group of the centipede seat, the organizer hosted an audition in August.            Finally, C.C.W.C and TUTCOS got the qualifications. They attend this two parades separately. C.C.W.C attended the parade on Oct 6, their inspiration this time is Pili puppet shows. They present the role “sheng”, “dan”,”jing”in person by the classical costume and the elegant performance with the adapted Peking opera song  And the parade on Oct 7 is TUTCOS, their inspiration is the Chinese dragon. They try to convey the role’s charm and action by the design of the costume, make-up, and wig and stage property.

The parade on Oct 6, at 16:30 started from Minzhi Rd., and passed Zhongzheng Rd., Zhongshan Rd. roundabout, Minquan Rd. and Sanmin Rd.. Going back to the Zhongzheng Rd. and Minzhi Rd. in the end. The international groups who participated the parade include 16 groups from 14 countries. They are Ngaa Mauri Taniwha Ki Uta-Taniwha Ventures from New Zeland, JEBO Traditional Dancing Troupe from Marshall, Fukuoka University KOBUZARU from Japan, Kirana Nusantara and Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa (GGK) from Indonesia, Tanjore Dance Music & Art Research Centre from india, Kytalyk and DRUZHBA from Russia, TENGER AYALGUU from Mongolia, Im Bangwul Korean Classical Music Promotion Association from Korea, Conjunto Folklorico ISYS from Panama, Compagnie de Danse Jean-René Delsoin from Haiti, JARO dance group from Czech Republic, Folklore ensemble KARPATY from Slovakia , Simyonov-Sremchica from Serbia, and Sbandieratori Ducato Caetani from Italy. The first parade attracts many audiences to take pictures.

Then is the West Central Dist. Parade on Oct 7, at 15:30. It started from Zhongzheng Rd., and gave a 5 mins performance between Minzu Rd. and Chenggong Rd., and going back to the Hai’an Rd. The route is about 2km and the time of the parade is about 40 mins. There are 10 groups from 8 countries. They are Compagnie de Danse Jean-René Delsoin from Haiti, Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa and Kirana Nusantara from Indonesia , Tanjore Dance Music & Art Research Centre from India, Ngaa Mauri Taniwha Ki Uta-Taniwha Ventures from New Zeland, JARO dance group from Czech Republic, Kytalyk from Russia, Fukuoka University KOBUZARU from Japan , Simyonov-Sremchica from Serbia and Maikawa Shishi-Odori from Japan.

2018 NYIFF has various shows from different countries. All lively performances in every district are free. We welcome the citizens and the friends around the country to join the festival in this cool autumn.    



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