Singing is the strongest link between my tribe and me. I am an aborigine born and brought up in Taipei. In the process of my growth, I have never cultivated by our tribal culture. When I was a child, my first experience in so-called aboriginal ballad came from my parents and relatives singing ‘Naluwan, Hohiyong” to release their feelings of homesickness associated with their home land. At the moment, I believed songs of aborigine were all sung with tears and grief. After I had the pleasure to be part of Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe in college, I could have the chance to visit Taibalang where my mom grew up and then learn the songs talking about the tribal life which I had never experienced. Through singing the ballads, I felt I am soaking in my ancestors’ blessing and elders’ expectation and I became one part of my tribe. After taking part in the group Beautiful Mind Ballad of Wild Fire Music in 2008, I began to sing the deeds and stories of my tribe and participate in numerous music festivals held in Taiwan and international countries.
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