TSCVS Aboriginal Dance Company



The National Taitung Senior Commercial Vocational School Aboriginal Dance Company was founded more than 21 years ago in 1988 to train the students for aboriginal music and dance. With its core value to promote the traditional aboriginal music, dance, cultures, and tribal heritage, the Company's top goal is to achieve the full potential of aboriginal music and dance with the education it received. The Company is an extended family including school and company instructors, and alumni/former members. The spirit of the Company lies in the inheritance, that is, all students in the Company share the mission and intention to pass on tribal tradition.

Members of the Company learn how to pass on tribal culture in a participatory way, value humility and gratitude, and continue to keep the same persistence and attitude in either learning or stage performance in the future. They give up breaks and holidays to maintain uninterrupted endeavors and practices in traditional culture. In return, the Company wins over recognition and acknowledgment with its top-notch performance, and its students-members have confidence in identity boosted, values in commitment confirmed, and pride in blood heritage sustained.
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