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Faidaw Fagod, an Amis, was born in Taitung and graduated from Republic of China Military Academy. He grew up in the tribe until he left home to join the army at the age of 13. It was during the time in the armed forces that made Fagod realize the need to feel his indigenous identity in the traditional culture. In 1991, he co-founded "Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe".

Fagod served as executive member of the Aboriginal News Magazine of Taiwan's Public Television Station, supervisor of the Aboriginal Development Association, teacher of the Aboriginal Arts Class of Jin-shan high school, aboriginal music and dance teacher of the Dance Department of Taipei University of the Arts, and artistic director of the Pingtung Aboriginal Cultural Park.

He is currently the artistic director of Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe where he is dedicated to production and choreography of the annual production and responsible for maintaining the quality of the performances.

His choreographic works include "Remembering Yearly Ceremony", "The Passing of the Year", "Exhortations of the Legendary Little People", "Songs of VuVu", "Holding Ina's Hand", "The Sacrifice", "Who is Shooting On the Mountain?", "Remembering Yearly Ceremony Again", "The Shell God in the Mist", "The Memory of the Sea", "Aboriginal Dances, Collected Dances", "The Place Where Ancestral Spirits Return To", "Spiritual Bath in Songs and Dances", "Memories of Azalea Mountain", "Tsunami", "Rising Wind and Scudding Cloud", "Memories under the Mango Tree"... etc. He has produced and danced in hundreds of displays of theatrical craft with the Troupe over the years.
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