Production Manager



Panay‧Musi, an Amis, was born in Taitung and graduated from Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication, National Dong Hwa University. She has been a dancer of Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe since 2001. Musi currently works for the Formosa Indigenous Dance Foundation of Culture and Arts as artistic administrator. She was involved in the performance or production of "The Shell God in the Mist", "The Memory of the Sea", "Aboriginal Dances, Collected Dances", "Memories of Azalea Mountain", "Lalaksu", "Tsunami", "Rising Wind and Scudding Cloud", "Searching for Lost Footprints", "Memories under the Mango Tree", "Lily Love", and other productions of the Troupe. Over the years, she has produced and performed in more than a hundred performances at home or abroad with the Troupe.
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