Dance Formation SOFISTIK-JIVO


Known as the Rose Kingdom, Bulgaria is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula. South Bulgaria was so called ″Thrace″ in ancient times. Around from 8th to 12th Centuries, due to the frequent wars between this area and the Byzantine Empire, both culture from Thracian and Byzantine Empire preserved, including the religion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Dance Formation SOFISTIK-JIVO from Bulgaria was founded in 1983 with the aim to provide diverse and various opportunities for young artists who devoted themselves to the art of dance. The dance style of the Formation combines the traditional folkdances of Bulgaria with contemporary jazz and folk music. Most dancers of the Formation are women performing on the themes of folk stories, myths, and legends. The Formation is devoted to the presentation of local traditional costumes, stage props, and dance moves. 

Traditional Bulgarian dances include various moves featuring complicate rhythms and quick step movements, incorporated with gestures and arm movements. The famous DZHINOVSKI dance, for example, an important traditional Thracian Dance, with quick tempo and complicated gestures, is still very popular.