Rosenka Folklore Group


The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It paved its way to democracy by revolutions, such as the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution, and it eventually became a sovereign state separated from Czechoslovakia in 1993. Established in 1982, Rosenka Folklore Group was originally a children’s dance troupe and gradually developed into a large-scale representative dance group. Nowadays, there are more than 200 members in this group. It not only joins television performances frequently, but also carries out education programs in schools to successfully pass down cultural heritage. It had been awarded Exceptional Contribution Award by Folklore Association of the Czech Republic for its dedication to folklore dances.

Its major performances are folklore dances from southern part of Moravia,such as programs performed without music named Game On The Grassand Cocks And Hens. The costumes demonstrate traditional folklore glamour of Uherske Hradiste and Moravske Kopanice region by its classic embroidery .

Czech dances often combine elements of rural life into interesting chorography pieces, for example, they use spoons and sticks as props on the stage. Audience have often been invited to interact with performers. Dances are often lively and vivid, they make the audience relax in their portrayal of life in the Czech Republic.