Compañia de Danza Ticuan


Located in North America, Mexico is home to various American civilizations that nourished the Mayan and Arztecz cultures. In the 16th Century, the Spanish defeated the Aztecs and began their colonial settlement. In 1810, Mexico declared its independence and waged wars with the US and France. After chasing away the invaders, Mexico was involved in its civil wars for many years. It wasn’t until 1929 when the civil wars finally ended, that the political situation became stable. Founded in 1987, the Compañia de Danza Ticuan is a representative and professional folkdance group in Mexico. Danza Ticuan means river turtles in local dialect and thus, the group uses the circular shape of a turtle as its logo. The group believes that in order to preserve Mexican folklore, they must devote themselves to its promotion, in a constantly changing environment. 

 Mexican folklore dances combine elements from local tribes, Africa, and Europe. During  the Mexican War of Independence, folklore dances became the symbol of Mexican nationalism. For example, JARABE from the Jalisco area was a vehicle to  awaken people’s awareness of patriotism and freedom. The dance became inalienable  from the independence movement. For Mexican people who have long suffered foreign  invasion, traditional dances help them to identify with their country. Therefore, the promotion of folklore dance conservation has been supported by both the public and the private sectors.