Dance Africa Foundation


Ghana, the first African independent country from Britain in 1957, has long been known for its gold mining industry. In addition to the traditional ″Ashanti″ culture, its colonial history also brought European culture to this place. Dance Africa Foundation has been devoted to the promotion of traditional music and dance, and provides free traditional folk courses for the local youth, conducting performance tours around Ghana and Africa. It innovates the traditional African music and dance with contemporary elements, and has gained great reputation. 

Ghana’ss folk dance includes BAMAYA, KETE, and KOBINA. BAMAYA, originated from Northern Ghana, is a social dance in the Dagomba tribe; with only male dancers in its tradition, the performance is presented with carrying drums in a circle. Now, to present diverse and new performance, different movements are also included in the performance.  

KETE, traditional royal dance of Ashanti Culture in the Ghana Empire, and once the entertainment only in the palace, is now commonly performed in social gatherings in Ghana. KOBINA, originated from Lawra Culture in North Ghana, is designed to present the cultivation process and the joy of the harvest season.