Rampoe UGM


Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country composed of 17,508 islands and over 300 ethnic groups. Rampoe UGM is the group focusing on the promotion of Aceh Culture. Aceh, a special region located at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca, has its long independent history and unique culture. A 30-year long military conflict for independence once stifled the country, until finally both sides reached a peaceful autonomous agreement. 

The Group’s main performances include the followings. SAMAN originated from the Gayo tribe in Aceh, is performed by an all-male dance group to show the religious spirit of unity, cooperation and braveness. The performance goes with no music, but only the handclapping from dancers provides the rhythm and tempo. SAMAN is now known to the world as world intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. RATOEH DUEK, a dance similar to SAMAN, is performed by female dancers with instrumental music and singers, to present the harmony of daily life in the society of Aceh. TAREK PUKAT reflects the importance of the fishing industry in Aceh culture, and dancers use a rope to perform fishing with a net. TAREK refers to ″pull″ and PUKET as″ fishing net".