Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa


Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa is a cultural arts group initiated by Leo Mokodompit, Cheelvy, Donny Yoshinda and Gilang Lestari, came from their passion and love for Indonesian art and culture. They have been devoted in presenting the diversity and uniqueness of traditional dances among the Indonesian archipelago, integrating live music and contemporary dance into their performance, aiming to include the participation from young generations to appreciate, learn, explore, demonstrate, perform and to preserve the this valuable tradition.  

Starting from 2005, they formed the team that consistently and sustainably give training on traditional dance and music to the younger generation, as well as encouraging them to perform at various events and festivals, domestically and internationally, with the motto "Our Culture, Our Pride" . In addition, the group also develop the training program for school, universities and communities, for a better promotion and preservation for the traditional folk art performance. They have traveled and performed worldwide, including Franc, India, Sweden, Czech, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, US and Malaysia, and won numerous prize in the international festivals.