Hwei-Lan Dancer Troupe


Established in 1999 in Tainan, Hwei-Lan Dancer Troupe comprises indigenous people coming from Hualien, Taitung, Pingtung and Chiayi working and studying in Tainan, and those appreciating aboriginal cultures. Most of the early members are Amis from Hualien, with the original name as Hwei-Lan, thus they named the troupe by the name of their hometown. Run and led by three terms of chief director, at the meantime it already has more than a hundred of members. Besides the scheduled performances throughout the island, it has been invited as the representative of Taiwan to perform in major art festivals in Japan, U.S.A, Nepal, Korea, Turkey, Singapore and Australia. 

They perform Malikuda Dance, the group dance from Amis in the east coast; their performance demonstrates the variety of Amis dance. More than the cross-hand ceremonial dances, the troupe also develop new performance with times, including live and recorded performance of folk music and dances.