Fei Yang Folk Dance Group


Established in June 1998, Fei Yang Folk Dance Group for the past 18 years is not only a pioneer of folk dance performance in southern Taiwan but also has been internationally known for its unique dance style and creative works. It has many dance class rooms in Tainan and many award winning dancers with excellent skills. The dance group has toured domestically and internationally; more than 400 performances are presented in Europe, America and in Asia. Their performances are appreciated by the international society and have gained very positive review from the western press, as the most beautiful dance group from the east, and as charming and elegant as classic ballet; the review from Italian press goes as the very powerful dance group with distinguished Taiwanese features.  The group aims to demonstrate the elegance and grandness of the art of dance; further, their ultimate goal is to pass down their dazzling and elegant performance. 

There are two plots in this performance. In the first part, they perform the love of colorful butterflies with lithe and graceful dance movements to demonstrate the breath of spring. Boat Song, the second part, presents the breathtaking scene of kind and gentle girls by the river shore, with the golden rosy sunset.