Fan Yu Dancing Art Group


Established in 2000 by the artistic director, Kang Huei-jhen, Fan Yu Dancing Art Group, gathering a group of enthusiastic dancers, aims to promote and carry forward the beauty of traditional Chinese dance, as well as to innovate and create a modern expression for this traditional art. The group has been dedicated in the creation and performance of classic ballet, Chinese dance, and contemporary dance; they have been invited to worldwide performance, including Canada, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, China, and Spain etc., and are elected as one of the most popular teams in most of times. Recently, they have been working on the diversity of their performance via including drama into the dance performance, and striving for the innovation and aesthetic of dance. They express their passion toward this land the caring attentiveness to culture through their dance movements. 

The performance includes two parts. The delicate performance with fans had been awarded of first prize in Student Classic Dance Competition in Taiwan. In another plot named Girls happily Dance with Silk Fabric demonstrates a scene of bustling and excitement; this show had been awarded the third place in Student Folk Dance Competition of Taiwan.