Le Yun Dance Group


Established in 2005 by director Zeng Huei-jhen, Le Yun Dance Group is dedicated to create innovative works and nurture local art and culture of Tainan. It had been honored as the Outstanding Performing Arts Group of Tainan from 2007 to 2010, and Supported Performing Arts Groups in 2011. From 2010 to 2012, it had been elected to join the Development Plan of the Southern Performing Arts by Wei Wu Ying Center for the Arts, and Ministry of Culture.  They were widely invited to perform in many art festivals in the United States, Korea and Sweden. The ultimate goal and challenges of Le Yun Dance Group is to work out innovation in the tradition and to preserve tradition in creativity. Over the years, they nurture local talents and sketch the spirit of local culture, and polish their skills to perfection at the same time. With best efforts and happy attitude, they preserve and popularize the already-forgotten spirit of Taiwan in their works.

There are two plots in their performance. In first show, Goddess Pochie blesses children, is based on the Taiwanese folk art performance parade. In the traditional legend, Goddess Pochie is the character bringing blessing to and expelling evil spirit off the children; in the traditional religion, the performance is to exorcism in order to evict demons and attract good luck. Another plot is Guan Yu evicts plagues. Ba Jia Jiang is a common figure in traditional folk art performance parade, to protect people from bad luck, demons and diseases, and to pray for safety and fortune.