Yi Tzy Folk Dance Theatre


Established in 1996, Yi Tzy Folk Dance Theatre has been dedicated to popularize and nurture local art performances and foster cultural exchange between Taiwan and international society. Their performances demonstrate the spirit of Chinese culture and the variety of Taiwanese folk art. It is honored as the Outstanding Performing Arts Group of Tainan and has been invited to perform in international folk art festivals more than 300 performances worldwide. They have toured in more than 60 cities in the U.K, France, German, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Indonesia. With rich contents and folk art features, Yi Tzy Folk Dance Theatre is not only the remarkable folk art dance group in southern Taiwan, but also recognized internationally as representative performing groups of Taiwanese Culture.

There are two plots in this performance. In first plot, naughty dolls are having an outing, and they feel excited but a bit nervous about the bustling and joyful temple parade, especially when seeing the majestic-looking Ba Jia Jiang.
The second plot, The Cruise of Ba Jia Jiang, originated from one of the most important religious folk art performances in Taiwanese religious ceremony, Ba Jia Jiang, the police officers of hell. The show tells the story of Ba Jia Jiang, and demonstrates how they evict demons and plague via dance, including giving orders to civil and military officers of hell, officer Gan as well as officer Liu punish executing stick punishment, officer Sie carrying the pillory and officer Fan carrying the tablet arresting the sinfuls to the judges in the hell. In the performance, it presents the various image of Ba Jia Jiang, serious, shocking and mysterious.