Established in 1999, Renwu Dance Theater was founded in Tainan by local choreographer Liang Yan-fang and Gu Jhe-cheng, associate professor in Department of Dance, Tainan University of Technology. The dance theater has been dedicated in integrating the local cultural features into their works and the goal is to develop brand new Taiwanese dance with modern spirit. As an innovative and creative performing group, it keeps presenting annual new production, winning positive and wonderful review; the group had been honored as the Outstanding Performing Arts Group in Taiwan and in Tainan, and also won the first prize in Nanying Performing Arts Award. 

Renwu Dance Theater performs two shows. First one is Waving Fans with Martial Arts Spirit. They transform martial arts into dance movements and demonstrate the beauty of speed and power; they present the elements of martial art, energy, vitality, spirit and figure via strong and inspiring dance. In the another show, Festival Celebration, innocent and naive children manifest the happiness and bustling of festival with lively and cheerful expression.