Chi Shan Performing Arts Studio


Established by Lin Ci-zih, a native of Liujia District in Tainan, Chi Shan Performing Arts Studio is named after the original name of Liujia which is Chi Shan Bao. It applies the skill of Chinese yo-yo into folk art dance and produce innovative works which demonstrate the beauty of figure movements and traditional spirit. It is the honor of Liujia and it is the first dance troupe applying Chinese yo-yo skills into its productions. The group is invited to international festival and events in Hungary, performing Chinese yo-yo, lion dance and folklore fan dance, gaining quite positive feedback from the audience. 

In 2016, the group presents a brand new production, combining various elements of cartoons, djembe drumming, drama, Chinese yo-yo and dance with the Chinese story, The Journey to the West.

The Chi Shan Performing Arts Studio performs two shows. The first one, Golden Monkeys Play with Saturn Peaches, tells the story how Monkey King messing in the heaven palace and plucking peaches.  
The show tries to surprise the audience by presenting a variety of dance movements with little Saturn peaches and free style Chinese yo-yo skills. Another one is Lions Play with the Rhythm of Drums and Chinese Yo-Yo. They present a lively and fun performance by express the bustling atmosphere of Taiwanese temple events with drum sounds and the image of vigorous lions chasing Chinese yo-yo.