Xin Sheng Dai Dance Organization


The goals of Xin Sheng Dai Dance Organization are youth, vitality and innovation; the dance organization aims to discover and revitalize local culture. The organization has been dedicated in modernizing local culture and arts, participating in countless dance competition and events, winning numerous positive notice. Since 1996 till 2019, it has been invited to participate in Nanying International Folklore Festival.

Xin Sheng Dai Dance Organization performs two shows. First one is Goddess Pochie blesses children. Goddess Pochie, the guardians of children, is an unique religious folk art in Madou, and been transformed into dance in rich and various expression. The fan of Goddess Pochie evicts demons and her umbrella symbolizes protection. With brisk melody of Taiwanese folk music and diverse figure movements, dancers demonstrate the gentleness and power of Goddess Pochie. Another one is Dance with Chinese yo-yo. They revitalize the life of this traditional folklore skill by demonstrating gymnastics and elegant dance movements with diverse type of music, costumes and different forms of body gestures. The show is to present a dazzling and fashionable feast of Chinese yo-yo to the audience.