The Big Snake vs. The Golden Lion and Song Jiang Battle Array on the Centipede Seats

date- 2018/10/11

2018NYIFF plans a special event, and that is the interaction with the international folk art arrays. The performances not only dedicated to the god but also entertain the public. The Japanese folk art arrays are invited to interact with the local folk art arrays. The Maikawa Shishi-Odori from Japan bring an amazing performance with the lacal Qigu Jade Baoan Temple White Crane Array on Oct 6. Afterwards, Iwami Kagura of Japan and golden lion array by Si-Nan-Liao Sing-An Temple in Annan District bring the powerful performances as well from Oct 9 to Oct 11.     

The Iwami Kagura from Japan is famous for its gorgeous costumes and the dance with fast-paced music, and they perform at each Japanese shinto shrine and the regional festivals. It is a traditional art folk array culture originally. Because they keep innovating the new idea, they become the professional repertory theater. The “big snake” is one of the representation of the Iwami Kagura. The story describes a warrior kill the evil snake, and it also implies praying for bless and expelling from demons.         

The unique Tainan golden lion array, it also has the story of the kill lion. It looks like the same with the story of kill the big snake. However, the meaning of the kill golden lion is totally different. It is not really kill the lion but tame the lion into a mythological animal. It consists the meaning of praying for bless. The golden lion array by Si-Nan-Liao Sing-An Temple is the intangible cultural property in Tainan. It is quite rare to see the interaction between the big snake and the golden lion.

The spirit of this activity is xiangke culture. It must go to visit Matsu in Luermen Matsu Temple before the koah-hiun festival in Xigang. It should visit the Matsu Temple first this time. There were three groups bringing the special performances on Oct 9, at 11:00 a.m. First is National University of Tainan Folk Team showing the song jiang battle Aarray on the centipede seats. Second is the Iwami Kagura from Japan. In the end is the dragon dance.    

The golden lion array by Si-Nan-Liao Sing-An Temple and Iwami Kagura performed in Xing-An Temple on Oct 10, at 19:30. These two groups also will perform in Wu Yuan today (Oct 11), at 19:30 with Tarzan Folklore Troupe-Bullfight. ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe will come to discuss the contemporary development of the traditional culture together in Wu Yuan tonight.

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